A Year in Color

Boy did the year fly! I got my iPhone just before the New Year last year and it’s taken me until now to upload all of the pictures I’ve taken. Shuffling through them quickly has given me a pretty solid recap of 2012. I have so many fond memories of this past year and a lot to be grateful for 🙂

Review 4 001  Review 14 001

Review5 001  Review6 001

About me pc

spending time in good company

                                   Review 15 001   IMG 0129

Review 16 001

Attending the National Student Nurse’s Association Convention in Pittsburg

Review 17 001  Review 18 001

Turning 21

Review 21 001  Review 22 001

Review20 001  Review19 001

Cruise vacation to beautiful Bermuda

Review 9 001  Review 8 001

Warrior’s Dash!

Review 12 001  Review 13 001                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

 Road-trip to Virginia 

Review 7






Sponsoring my widdle brudder on his Confirmation

Review 3 001  Review2 001

Review 10 001  IMG 0509

IMG 0329

Good times with those I love!

Here’s to another year!!

IMG 0406






How could I forget??

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