Resolutions or not?

Before getting into my thoughts on New Years resolutions–a few pics from the day!

IMG 0516

Taco Salad with steak, corn, avocado and cheddaaaa

I went with my boyfriend, Justin, and his family to the city to snag the last of the Christmas season. We grabbed lunch at a brewery just off Times Square. It’s always a risk for me to eat out due to a severe gluten intolerance (more on that to come!) but i managed to do pretty well for myself 🙂 

IMG 0515

Food, family and holiday festivities– a pretty solid Sunday in my book!

 Tomorrow I will ring in the New Year with friends, good eats and a bit of uncertainty.  As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and extremist, I find security in having a plan and following a set schedule. So far, I’ve followed the given steps pretty much programed into my life (go from one grade to the next, graduate high school, go to college)–but now what?  I’m incredibly blessed to have been able to receive a college education and pursue a career in nursing. Now I’m in a place where it’s up to me to go out there and live my life! Questions flood my mind constantly: What am I truly passionate about? Where will I land my first job? Where will I live? Where will my friends go? Am I making a mistake?—-Hey this blog isn’t titled Ranting Rose for no reason!!!

 It’s times like these that I think back to a quote I stumbled upon:

Blog photos

 I know that this is just one of the countless moments that I will feel like this in my life. Times change, problems develop and solutions form. Given that this world in constant and forever in motion, it’s unrealistic to always have it mapped out. And maybe that’s the fun of it. Unpredictability allows for the chance to take a leap, make choices, learn from the screw-ups and thrive. How lucky is it to have this life to craft completely into our own?

It is clear to me that the underlying feeling behind my uncertainty is fear based–fear of the unknown. But fear is just an emotion. The only power it has over me is the power I give to it. Why not replace this emotion with something else–like excitement.  My life isn’t starting when I graduate–it’s continuing! Everything is ahead of me–the discovering, the lessons, the laughs, the tears. 

This New Year’s, I’m making a promise to myself to follow my heart. If I stay true to this I don’t have to worry about where I’m going because it’ll be all about the journey. One day I’ll look back on where I’ve been and understand that everything connects in order to have gotten me where I am in that moment. Until then, I simply have to continue moving. Each step–forward, backward, left, right– will get me were I’m meant to go. 


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3 Responses to Resolutions or not?

  1. Wort Remover says:

    Well written jan man. More self discovery to come and I look forward to reading about it 🙂

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