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Being a Worry-Wort & Cheesy Cauliflower Mash

Amen Sistaa!!! For as long as I can possibly remember–I’ve been a worry-wort (and not a little one either!). It used to be something that really held be back, cost me precious sleep and simply drained my joy. I’ve definitely … Continue reading

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No Solar Eclipses!

It is absolutely bone-chilling cold around here. I can’t stand it. I don’t want to do ANYTHING. Getting in my car for clinical at 5am is quite possibly the most miserable thing ever–it takes a good 10 minutes for the … Continue reading

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Final Semester Clinical Begins–NICU

A baby is God’s way of saying the world must go on… Feeling so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my time in nursing school with these little ones. How rewarding it must be to help give … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why an Increased Fat & Reduced Carb Diet Can Improve Health

As you know, last week I began a modified diet prescribed by nutritionist in order to reverse my insulin resistance and improve my health. I was told that I would have to reduce my normal carb intake of around 50% … Continue reading

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Make a Splash

Just a few more days and I’m off to my final semester at school! ahhhhhh! So much ahead–days in the NICU, senior festivities with friends, crazy studying for boards, numerous ceremonies and lots of FREAKING out. I’m excited, happy, sad … Continue reading

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Sayonara Sugar!

“Decide what your highest priorities are, and have the courage and independent willpower to say no–pleasantly, smilingly, and unapologetically–to the things that are less important to you.”—–Stephen R. Covey God I love that quote–it’s just so simple. Whenever things are … Continue reading

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Banana Walnut Cake w/ Cream Cheese Glaze (reduced sugar +carb, GF)

Seriously guys, the BEST gluten free creation I’ve made to date–not to mention it is reduced carb! I’m obsessed, and I know you will be too!   Banana Walnut Cake w/ Cream Cheese Glaze (reduced sugar +carb, GF) Ingredients (cake … Continue reading

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Learning to meditate–a new, less-boring way!

A friend of my mom’s grew up in Thailand and is now raising her children in the States. She often talks about how, in her country, children grow up learning how to meditate and breathe therapeutically. As a result, kids … Continue reading

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The Fastest Way to Cook a Spaghetti Squash

There are many reasons why spaghetti squash rocks my world. The leading is probably that 1 cup of the stuff has about 45 calories and 10g of carbs  compared to a cup of spaghetti noodles which clock in at 220 … Continue reading

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Write it on your heart

Looking in my closet today I realized that I still had a few dresses I’d purchased a while ago that I never wore–they still had the tags on. It’s not that I didn’t have outings to which  could have worn … Continue reading

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