Clementine-Pomegranate Salad & Women’s Self Defense

This chilly January weekend was spent with family and good eats. Saturday we all went to Little Italy in NYC to reunite with our newly engaged friends and get all the juicy details.  My mom’s boyfriend’s daughter (that’s a mouthful for ya!) met her fiancé while studying abroad in England 4 years ago. After many international flights back and forth and years of Skype to stay in touch–I can’t imagine what it will feel like not to endure such incredible distance. Quite the love story if you ask me–Congrats guys!

IMG 0570

The glowing couple with a very proud Dad

Little Italy was cozy and illuminated with thousands of Christmas lights. The crowded cobblestone streets brought me right back to my time spent in Florence several years ago. We grabbed dinner at Veninto’s on Mulberry Street–I would highly recommend it. The staff was entertaining and they didn’t rush you out (a rare find in the city!). They also are known to cater to individuals with gluten issues and are mindful of cross-contamination . I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to have a steaming heap of pasta pesto–delish!!!

IMG 0572

Lookin right in them lobsta bibs!

In attempt to balance out Saturday’s indulgences, I had this light and fruity salad for lunch today. If you haven’t tried pomegranate seeds before, you’re in for a surprise. These little guys add a punch of tartness and texture to your dish with a hit of fiber and antioxidants as well. You can buy them already separated from the fruit (I’ve seen them in Trader Joe’s) or save some $$ and do it yourself! 

ClementinePomegranate Salad

Combine in a large bowl (serves 2):

1 pkg. baby spinach

sections from 3 clementines

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

1/2 cup slivered almonds

cheese of choice (feta, american, gorgonzola)

light balsamic vinaigrette

IMG 0578


For a few years now the opportunity has come up multiple times for me to attend a self defense seminar. I feel pretty stupid saying this, but I really didn’t think it mattered if I did or not. Honestly I thought that if I was ever in the situation that required self-defense, I was pretty much screwed anyway. After attending the ABC’s of Women’s Self Defense class in New Lebanon, NY, I couldn’t be happier to have these critical skills under my belt. Against the popular belief that these courses teach females how to beat a guy down and take ’em out, Modern Self Defense Academy demonstrates how to buy yourself time to get away and utilizes basic techniques that require minimal strength and effort. The instructors were captivating and knowledgeable while instructing the group how to get out of being pulled by the arms, choked and pinned on all fours. As a nurse working shifts at all hours of the day, I’m glad to finally be armed with this knowledge.

IMG 0554

IMG 0562

Defense 2

Defense 3

Defense 4

Defense 7

IMG 0565

Defense 8

IMG 0564

Happy Sunday!!

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