Write it on your heart

Looking in my closet today I realized that I still had a few dresses I’d purchased a while ago that I never wore–they still had the tags on. It’s not that I didn’t have outings to which  could have worn them. It’s just that I chose to wear old clothes on those occasions instead, figuring I’d save the new ones for a more special time. I didn’t want to waste them on an ordinary day. Remembering my thinking behind this, I feel pretty stupid. I mean what was I waiting for? 

This isn’t really about clothes or new things–it’s about letting days go by without appreciating them fully–not realizing the gifts of the present and “waiting” for something greater in the future. When always looking for the seemingly “next” best thing, we miss the good surrounding us right now, it this moment. Why isn’t today special? You’re alive and you’ re here–that’s something an average of 250,000 people a day can no longer say. So take out the special china you use once a year for dinner tonight, spend some extra time getting ready for no particular reason, take dancing lessons just because–it’s fun. Life is here and now–don’t wait for it to start–it’s been happening all along. 

Write it in your heart

Just something to think about tonight 🙂

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