Sayonara Sugar!

“Decide what your highest priorities are, and have the courage and independent willpower to say no–pleasantly, smilingly, and unapologetically–to the things that are less important to you.”—–Stephen R. Covey

God I love that quote–it’s just so simple. Whenever things are all over the place, it’s important to just remind yourself of what really matters to you in the end–once all the small and irrelevant things are pushed away. For me, my highest priorities are my family, my health and my passions. When I remind myself of this during times that i feel lost or disconnected, it really centers me and aids my next move or decision. 

Right now, I really need to focus on my health in order to reverse the effects of PCOS and support a long and healthy life. 50% of women with the syndrome will develop Type II Diabetes by the age of 40, and that is not the life I choose for myself. Since my diagnosis it has taken me a while to get to this point–lots of denial and wishing it away consumed me. I’m now at the point where I’m done with the victim attitude and ready to be victorious over this pesky piece of crap 🙂

Yesterday I had an appointment with a holistic nutritionist who put me on a plan to heal my body and make it more sensitive to insulin again. Being the carb and sugar lovaa that I am–the menu is truly a tragedy. In a nutshell, it consists of 20-30% carbs, 50% fat and 30% protein. To give some perspective, the typical diet and that of the food pyramid is composed of around 50% carbs, 20% protein and 30% fat. The carbs that I consume will come down to about 1 fruit and 2 single portions of starch/grain a day. My beloved ice cream, candy and cookies are out the window in order to make room for plenty of nuts, avocado, eggs, veggies and meat. I will also me taking this supplement with each meal to support healthy blood glucose levels (main active ingredients being chromium and alpha-lipoic-adid).This is gonna be rough…

Lowcarbpyramid1 IG 001

What motivates me is the fact that if I am disciplined now, my body really can heal and become more sensitive to insulin again without a low-carb diet and supplementation. Of course, I will always have to be careful with my lifestyle choices, but it won’t always have to be this strict (and expensive!). My nutritionist explained that for about 6-12 months, I will need to be very invested in the program in order to reverse the damage. While that seems like forever, it is nothing compared to what I will be giving myself in exchange. There’s a life ahead of me full of health and abundance and I choose to say no–pleasantly, smilingly, and unapologetically–to the things that will take this away from me.



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3 Responses to Sayonara Sugar!

  1. Adriana says:

    I simply cannot be more proud of you.

  2. simon says:

    Great blog Janna! …. tell Justin he needs Carbs to get bigger though!!!!

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