Being a Worry-Wort & Cheesy Cauliflower Mash

Worry quote

Amen Sistaa!!!

For as long as I can possibly remember–I’ve been a worry-wort (and not a little one either!). It used to be something that really held be back, cost me precious sleep and simply drained my joy. I’ve definitely gotten a lot better over the years as I’ve worked on changing my thinking. I try to focus on things that I have control over and being proactive with whatever power I do have in a situation. And for the countless things out of my control–I choose to trust that whatever outcome I reach has meaning and purpose. Because in the end–there really is nothing more that you can do other than your best.

Even though I’ve been doing well, I obviously have my slip-ups. Once a worrier–always a worrier 🙂 My first days back at school began to bring me back to the “old” mindset. As a final semester senior–I am constantly bombarded with questions like, “Where do you want to work…What do you want to do…How many places have you applied?” All around me I hear of people accepting early job opportunities and people who have already applied to 34357093485732 places. It seriously feels like the only topic of conversation going around these days…understandably so. With that–it began to take it’s toll on me. All the sudden I felt like I wasn’t doing enough/not doing the right things and basically freaking out.

It’s times like this when you really just have to take a step back, realign yourself and reframe your thinking. For me, that’s starts with figuring out the areas of the situation I do have control and those that I don’t. That way, I can stop wasting my energy on things I don’t have power over in the first place. Making a list of places I want to apply with the deadlines? Yes I can do that. Contacting different connections, knowledgeable people and preparing my resume? Yes I can do that. Contemplating the misery ahead if I don’t get the place or area I want, if all my fiends move far away or if I just fail miserably? That will do absolutely nothing for me except make me a grumpy, anxious, incredibly pissed off insomniac.

The bottom line is exactly what the above quote states. Worrying about things you cannot change will not prevent them from happening–it is simply and completely a total waste of energy. Worrying sucks the joy out of today because it is impossible to live in the present when you are focused on all that can go from in the future. So live for today–after all it’s the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Instead of worrying–use that energy to act on whatever it is you’re worrying about. Finally, choose to let go and accept the things to which you are powerless. Choose to trust in the outcome–that that outcome will lead you to wherever you’re truly meant to be.

With that said–let me introduce you to a delicious, creamy and low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes! Nom.

Cheesy Cauliflower Mash

IMG 0682


2 bags frozen or 2 heads fresh cauliflower

2 tbsp cream cheese

2 tbsp butter

salt & pepper

Handful (or more) shredded cheese (I used cheddar)


1. Steam cauliflower until soft

2. Drain excess water + pat dry cauliflower (important for thicker mash)

3. In a food processor, process cauliflower until shredded (will take on a rice-like appearance)

4. In a bowl, combine cauliflower, cream cheese, butter, salt + pepper

5. Pour into a casserole dish and sprinkle desired amount of shredded cheese ontop

6. Bake at 375 until cheese begins to brown slightly (can also broil for rapid cheese-melting)

I’m tellin ya–this stuff was good. My mom made it for me when I was first venturing out with my reduced-carb diet. The flavoring and texture is similar to potatoes and will definitely satisfy a serious comfort-food craving.

IMG 0684

I will leave you with a few excellent resources I stumbled upon that really explain my previous post about my dietary changes–way better than I could in those brief summations.

Why reducing carbs can prevent diabetes, heart disease and improve overall quality of life

Why grains actually deplete nutrient/mineral stores, harm your gastrointestinal tract and are behind numerous diseases (especially degenerative)

Why dietary fat is NOT the case behind cholesterol/triglyceride problems and heart disease and increasing consumption can reduce benefit overall health status

These are really excellent sources. Though they’re quite long, they explain the science behind why low carb high fat is becoming one of the leading dietary plans for a long, disease-free life. Read these at you’re leisure (read a little, come back, whatever)–but understanding WHY a certain lifestyle works and not just following it is crucial to making positive change.

Have a good evening and feel free to post any thoughts or opinions you have about the above links–I’m very interested!

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5 Responses to Being a Worry-Wort & Cheesy Cauliflower Mash

  1. barbara says:

    you continue to amaze me with your wisdom and insight!! Ru sure ur only going on 22??
    love your blogs.

  2. Daniel Tuczinski says:

    You are absolutely correct….. Worry is fear based and takes you out of living in the present and ruins your capacity to feel joy and happiness. It affects not only you but those around you who love and care for you. We are unable to control many things in our lives. If you just do your best and surrender the outcome to God, or your higher power ( or fate if you don’t believe), your worry will disappear and you will live life to its fullest. Faith trumps fear and its darkness !

  3. Adriana says:

    Look back on your life. See the path it has taken. Bumps were only lessons that enriched you every time. Always, you were carried in one way or another. People were put in your path. Birds flew by to remind you of wonder. Time to trust and let it go.
    Don’t worry Sweetie. Be happy!

  4. ejw22 says:

    Your recipe looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Erin says:

    Very inspirational janman…you’ve come a long way! Hopefully i’ll follow in your footsteps lol
    ps just say the word and i’ll be your taste tester 😉

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