I’m Really Onto Something Here…

Everyone enjoy the Super Bowl festivities? Our little college apartment/shack was filled with food and people (all gathered around a 20 inch screen)—the good life 🙂 While I learned who was playing like 3 days beforehand, I was still thoroughly entertained by…


Best half time ever.

Anyway, I felt it was time for a little update since I began my lifestyle changes to heal by body three weeks ago. Why now? Well there has already been progress–a lot of progress. It’s really incredible–not just physically but emotionally. I feel like my diagnosis was a gift in a way, because it has caused me to discover true medicine and to challenge everything I, and this nation, have accepted as conventional wisdom–as truth. Everything we know to be “healthy” like high fiber, plenty of whole grains, low fat, low cholesterol, limited red meat—the very guidelines prescribed for a long and abundant life—what if it’s all wrong?

Three weeks ago I began a high fat, moderate protein and reduced carb diet. I’ve been eating several servings of meat daily (including bacon and sausage!), nuts, avocado, coconut oils, loads of veggies, butter, hard cheeses and a serving or so of fruit daily. I’ve greatly reduced/mostly eliminated all grains and legumes. In just 21 days….

1. My fasting blood sugar has gone from 110 to 89 [normal is 70-90]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. My skin is dramatically clearer and less oiley

3. I have virtually no bloating and much smoother digestion

4. Last blood pressure before the change was 138/86–> just now it was 116/72

5. I feel energized and experience much less “waves of tiredness” throughout the day. I also feel more focused

6. I feel more satisfied than I ever have. I haven’t snacked much and instead can easily and happily get by with 3 solid meals

7. Definitely crave sweets less– I used to want it after every meal, mid afternoon and at night. Now (for the most part) I can take it or leave it–or we happy with a small piece of something

8. Normal “womanly” cycle from the month of January–huge for someone with PCOS

IMG 0723

Steak, veggies, g-free soy sauce and olive oil

IMG 0730

Cauliflower crust pizza with mozzarella and sausage

IMG 0403

baked acorn squash w/ chicken sausage & egg

IMG 0731

lotssaaaa veggie smoothies/green franks (half a fruit or none at all)

IMG 0732

my version of low-carb oatmeal (1 tbsp coconut flour, 1 tsp psyllium husk, 2 tbsp flax or chia seed seed, scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 cup coconut milk)

I seriously am beside myself. I literally don’t want to do anything else but read the research, books and evidence supporting this lifestyle. I believe in it so much. I feel so incredibly powerful over my health. I believe everyone could benefit from it. I believe if we ate this way as a nation we would have significantly less rates of heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, food allergies/intolerances, degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, MS, etc.), arthritis and autoimmune conditions. This is the medicine of the future, it’s prevention, longevity, health, comfort—and the opposite of everything we’ve ever been taught.

I believe in this so much that I’m actually questioning the career path in which I was so certain of for so many years. For the longest time, I wanted to be a Family Nurse Practitioner and diagnose conditions and prescribe medication to help them. While I still want to do this and see it’s benefit in a variety of ways–I can no longer ignore the option of an even better medicine–one without interactions and side effects. I refuse to simply prescribe a pill to lower blood pressure without giving the option of an alternative. In the end, it is always a choice–but I want to be able to provide the information to make that decision (informed connect to my fellow nurses). I want to teach people of the power they have over their own lives and happiness.

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3 Responses to I’m Really Onto Something Here…

  1. Adriana says:

    I am excited for you Sweetheart! You are amazing in so many ways. Not many would- or could -embrace health issues as you have in such a positive way.
    You are a true leader. The direction you ultimately take will allow you to share your vast amount of knowledge. Your ernest excitement will be passed on to all who are open to receive it.
    A shinning example of taking pain and turning it into power.

  2. Daniel Tuczinski says:

    Janna……Your progress blows me away….it’s
    that powerful and compelling. I really believe you are on to something. We are very proud of you!!!!

  3. fitin52 says:

    I’ve nominated your for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    Here are the rules:

    ~Display the award logo on your blog (copy and paste it from my blog)
    ~Link back to the person who nominated you
    ~State 7 things about yourself
    ~Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them
    ~Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

    Keep blogging!

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