Glad to be Less Than Perfect

“I’m glad to be less than perfect”

My mom left me the above message on a post-it note next to my bed a good 5 or so years ago. To this day, it still comes to mind often. It reminds me to relax and stop shooting for something that doesn’t exist. Nobody is perfect and trying to act and perform that way is unrealistic. Remembering I’m less than perfect takes a ton of pressure off. It allows me to take a step back, breathe and know all I can do is my best in any given circumstance. Trying to be perfect will do nothing but disturb my calm and cause me harm. Because in trying to be perfect, one will always fail. When one gives up striving for that which does not exist, there is room for so, so much more.

That aside–it was an eventful weekend–depending on how you look at it. Much of my time was spent dealing with this…

Northeast Snow Darg 61

Yep–I definitely “found” Nemo–3 feet of Nemo! Many hours were spent unearthing cars and hunting down shovels (never realized how much I love those tools). But, it was also kind of fun. Something about everyone around campus coming together, helping each other out and the camaraderie that goes along with that. I’m not gonna argue the 4 day weekend either–plenty of time for…….

IMG 0754

thanks Diana–best brownies ever–so good I even ate the wax!

Celebrating my 22nd year of life! It was cozy being locked in with the finest g-free pizza, brownies, spice cake and all friends close enough to walk through the storm to our little apartment 🙂

IMG 0756

thanks mel and erin 🙂

Bday 001

This, coupled with a good night out before the blizzard made this b-day pretty solid. Thank you everyone!!

So I lived my life this weekend and celebrated properly–but it was back to my new eating habits today. It’s a little difficult–after all the treats I’m craving sugaaa like mad. I feel like it’s the kind of thing where you loose your taste for sweets after a few weeks avoiding them–but as soon as you go back it’s worse than before! Ahhhhh. 

IMG 0763

the best high-fat low carb meal on earth.

After another small adjustment period, I’m sure I’ll be right back on track—have a good evening everyone!


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