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Time you enjoy wasting…

…is not wasted time I seriously never thought this time would come. It’s very strange and I’m almost positive it hasn’t hit me yet. I’m done with my undergraduate classes–heck, I’m done with school! The hours upon hours of memorizing, … Continue reading

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A month and a half later…

Well it’s about time I paid this blog a little attention. Things have been crazy–job applications, interviews (or should I say interview), NCLEX reviewing (or not) and just living life. Blogging hasn’t been on the to-do list and to be … Continue reading

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Glad to be Less Than Perfect

“I’m glad to be less than perfect” My mom left me the above message on a post-it note next to my bed a good 5 or so years ago. To this day, it still comes to mind often. It reminds … Continue reading

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I’m Really Onto Something Here…

Everyone enjoy the Super Bowl festivities? Our little college apartment/shack was filled with food and people (all gathered around a 20 inch screen)—the good life 🙂 While I learned who was playing like 3 days beforehand, I was still thoroughly … Continue reading

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Learning to meditate–a new, less-boring way!

A friend of my mom’s grew up in Thailand and is now raising her children in the States. She often talks about how, in her country, children grow up learning how to meditate and breathe therapeutically. As a result, kids … Continue reading

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Clementine-Pomegranate Salad & Women’s Self Defense

This chilly January weekend was spent with family and good eats. Saturday we all went to Little Italy in NYC to reunite with our newly engaged friends and get all the juicy details.  My mom’s boyfriend’s daughter (that’s a mouthful … Continue reading

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