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Glad to be Less Than Perfect

“I’m glad to be less than perfect” My mom left me the above message on a post-it note next to my bed a good 5 or so years ago. To this day, it still comes to mind often. It reminds … Continue reading

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Being a Worry-Wort & Cheesy Cauliflower Mash

Amen Sistaa!!! For as long as I can possibly remember–I’ve been a worry-wort (and not a little one either!). It used to be something that really held be back, cost me precious sleep and simply drained my joy. I’ve definitely … Continue reading

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Make a Splash

Just a few more days and I’m off to my final semester at school! ahhhhhh! So much ahead–days in the NICU, senior festivities with friends, crazy studying for boards, numerous ceremonies and lots of FREAKING out. I’m excited, happy, sad … Continue reading

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Write it on your heart

Looking in my closet today I realized that I still had a few dresses I’d purchased a while ago that I never wore–they still had the tags on. It’s not that I didn’t have outings to which  could have worn … Continue reading

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Immunizing Purple Drank & Asking for What You Want

Everyone around here is sick and it’s so annoying. I know, I know that wasn’t very sensitive of me–also ironic because I’m studying to become a nurse–however, I realllllly don’t want to catch anything…who does?! So I’ve been utilizing hand … Continue reading

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Resolutions or not?

Before getting into my thoughts on New Years resolutions–a few pics from the day! Taco Salad with steak, corn, avocado and cheddaaaa I went with my boyfriend, Justin, and his family to the city to snag the last of the … Continue reading

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